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The Hopps Town Series

The Scavenger


Just like Hopps Town, their humble home, Jessica Barlow, Jared Duval, and Adrian Cole are fostering dark secrets. Plagued by loss, cruelty, and physical abuse, these friends are kindred spirits, bound by anguish and elusive dreams. They’re soon to find the key to change, but any happy future will demand they face a haunting past and brave a lethal present.

Deep in the forest on the outskirts of town, aging and nearly forgotten, there stands a well from another time. Happening upon this relic, Adrian goads his companions to join him in making a wish. Soon, difficult though it is to admit, their luckless lives do seem to shift. The only problem is, the changes aren’t at all as they’d imagined. Seemingly, they’ve only left the pan to face the fire.

Should they hope to both survive and thrive, they’ll need to pool their wits and draw on mystic inner-power. Solving Hopps Town’s greatest mystery now means life or death.

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"The Scavenger is a nail-biting story with lots of nail-biting excitement. It was hard to put down. 4.5 fun spooky stars!"

- Priscilla Bettis, author.

"A coming-of-age story with heavy allegorical elements, the themes Lucid explores are important and timely. Blending fantastical elements with relatable relationships, authentic dialogue, and common struggles too often left undiscussed, this book does what YA literature should always strive for ”" educate, entertain, and inspire."

- Self-Publishing Review

"A fun YA horror, with a fast pace and a mystery to uncover."

- Well Worth a Read blog.

"Lots of people have played with the 'magical wish gone wrong' idea, but Lucid did it with more finesse and subtlety than most writers."

- Gilbert Stack, owner of, The Imaginary Realms of Gilbert Stack Blog

“There's a creeping paranormal here amongst the normal, that tingles those hairs on the back of your neck."

- Geoff Nelder, award-winning author of, Aria trilogy.


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