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The Hopps Town Series

Dark Secrets

Dark secrets tarnish their existence, and only the truth can save them now…

When Jessica Barlow finds a knife plunged into her pillow after having a dark, sinister dream, she quickly realizes that it is more than a figment of her imagination. She reaches out to her long-time psychic friend Jared Duval. When Jared makes contact with the knife, he has a vision of a horrific car accident that leaves a woman lifeless at the side of the road.

Jessica and Jared now have to do whatever it takes to uncover the truth and put an end to the mayhem clouding their lives. But what they don’t know is that the spirit has joined forces with the malevolent demon, Malik, seeking vengeance on the people who left her for dead – and these people are closer to Jessica than she thinks.

Will they be able to defeat a vicious demon and a vengeful spirit before things take a turn for the worst? What other darkness lurks in the shadows?

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"Exciting YA horror! The plot moves along at an exciting pace. Even Lucid’s dialogue passages move the story along as well as help define the characters. Plus, Lucid has a way of describing an action scene that makes you want to duck when a character throws something!"

- Priscilla Bettis, author.

" I recommend this to fans of horror and the dark side of paranormal. If that’s your thing, this is for you.."

- Mary DeSantis

"Great paranormal story...I enjoyed the author's style and the story overall."

- Laura Ruetz.

"Thrilling and chilling story. This YA horror/supernatural thriller is perfect for those who are fans of this genre and want a quick read. Also another good one for Spooktober and for those who want something scary but not too scary. "

- Certified Book Nerd


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