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Short Fiction

The Perfect Christmas Gift

It's Christmas Day - a time where family comes together and the whole world is filled with joy. For elderly widow, Mary Nolan, however, she is home alone. Her friendly little pet cat, Theodore, has gone missing. Mary prays that he comes back but with a raging storm outside and daylight fading fast, will she get the perfect Christmas gift in Theodore's safe return?

Curl up and read Aidan Lucid's heart-warming festive short story. It's ideal reading for beside a roaring fire or with a glass of wine on those cold, winter nights.

"The Perfect Christmas Gift" also contains the prologue and first chapter of Aidan's exciting epic fantasy novel, The Lost Son (Second Edition).

"'The Perfect Christmas Gift' is beautifully written and also made me realize how important family is and how for granted we take them at this time of year."

- Manusri Changal, Author and editor

A brief story of a woman encountering her first Christmas as a widow. In addition, her daughter lives "across the pond", and her furbaby has disappeared She feels lonely. This is a sweet story with a happy ending. Worth re-reading."

- Ann M. Diener


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A Beast Within

Fresh out of prison, Jeremy vows to steer clear of a life of crime and clean up his act. But he quickly realizes that to the world, he will always be an ex-con and plunges back into his old ways. The perfect opportunity presents itself in the form of his best friend, Stephen, and his spunky girlfriend, Natalie.

After a failed bank robbery, Jeremy and his accomplices’ identities are made. So, they find refuge in the home of a typical Christian family. Their getaway should have been smooth sailing…after all it was three armed criminals against the wholesome Boyd family.

But the Boyds are hiding dark secrets of their own.

A Beast Within Cover
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“I loved this story. From the first page I was hooked! There are twists and turns.” - Hanna (Booksirens reviewer).

"Lucid does it again with characters you can root for and action that holds you on the edge of your seat. Beware the beasts that prowl at night!" - Priscilla Bettis, author.  

"What a wonderful novella this was. A few very sympathetic characters and one especially truly evil to the core. This was a great ride." - Cat B. (Amazon Reviewer)

"I really enjoyed this book. It kept me interested all the way through." - Enid (Amazon reviewer)

"I highly recommend this book other book lovers, and I look forward to reading more from this writer." - DFS (Booksirens reviewer)

"I found 'A Beast Within' to be a gem in horror reads. The tension is great and the character development was brilliant." - Dale L. Roberts (Self-Publishing Guru and Youtuber


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