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The Zargothian Saga Series

Henry Simmons is your average seventeen year old kid, until one day he isn’t.

All Henry cares about is gaming and ogling his long-time crush, Tracey Maxwell. It feels to him that the universe has granted his wishes when he stumbles upon a mysterious gold coin in his family’s garden.

From manipulating physical objects, to getting Tracey to go to prom with him, Henry basks and revels in the power he believes the coin has granted him. Until one day he finds himself mystically transported to an entirely new dimension, a realm of war and bloodshed.

Henry’s life takes a 180, as he is trapped in this dimension and given the responsibility in helping to save its people from King Zakarius and his bloodthirsty Sadarkian army. He must fight for the humans in this realm alongside the human king, or he stands to lose his life and his way back home.

While Henry is burdened with this ambiguous task, he makes a few unexpected allies, from former World War II pilots to his neighbor’s cat who can now talk. Will Henry and his little troop defeat King Zakarius’s army, or will they fail and be trapped in this strange world forever?

The Lost Son (Second Edition)


“The flow of this novel is such that I just kept on reading. Give, "The Lost Son" a try; you will enjoy it, especially if you believe in magic.”

                                                                             - J.D. Warner, author of, "Hex-a-tech"

“The Lost Son is a unique fantasy novel that begins with a bang. This fast-paced adventure keeps the reader turning pages, while it offers a story that will keep you guessing.”

                                                                          - Brandy Alexander, author of, "Genesis".

“The Lost Son was written by Ireland’s own Aidan Lucid; and, let me tell you, he is going to be one of the shining stars in the literary world. From the first chapter, this story has it all.”

                                                                        - Randy Belaire, author of, "The Reckoning: Chronicles of the Shadow Chaser"

"Great book. I enjoyed the storyline. It kept me reading."

                                                                         - Edmund O'Callaghan.


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