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The Lost Son (Second Edition)

Henry Simmons is your typical American 17 year-old kid, who likes to play games, reads comics and ogles his dream girl, Tracey Maxwell. Henry's life takes a dramatic turn when he finds a magical golden coin. When he learns about the coins power, the love-struck teenager makes a wish for Tracey to be his prom date. It's granted but soon matters take a turn for the worst. On Prom Night, his date's ex beats him up. While lying on the ground, a drop of Henry's blood falls onto the coin, opening up a portal, taking him and Tracey to another world.

While there, the two teenagers meet two USAF pilots from 1945 and a talking cat named Jasper. Together they learn that they've been chosen to help King Argoth free his people from an oppressive race of creatures known as the Sadarkians. Not only must Henry learn how to properly harness the coin's power but he, Tracey and co. must learn how to fight and prepared to do combat in an epic battle for freedom. With the Sadarkian army vastly out numbering King Argoth's though, will Henry and his little troop succeed in a world where danger lurks around every corner and nothing is at it seems.

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The Scavenger

Just like Hopps Town, their humble home, Jessica Barlow, Jared Duval, and Adrian Cole are fostering dark secrets. Plagued by loss, cruelty, and physical abuse, these friends are kindred spirits, bound by anguish and elusive dreams. They’re soon to find the key to change, but any happy future will demand they face a haunting past and brave a lethal present.

Deep in the forest on the outskirts of town, aging and nearly forgotten, there stands a well from another time. Happening upon this relic, Adrian goads his companions to join him in making a wish. Soon, difficult though it is to admit, their luckless lives do seem to shift. The only problem is, the changes aren’t at all as they’d imagined. Seemingly, they’ve only left the pan to face the fire.

Should they hope to both survive and thrive, they’ll need to pool their wits and draw on mystic inner-power. Solving Hopps Town’s greatest mystery now means life or death.

Listen to a retail sample below.


Listen to a retail sample below.

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